Veterans of Foreign Wars
Memorial Post 1578

Pearl Harbor Day
Remembrance Ceremony

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December 7, 1941 will be a day embedded in all Americans minds and souls. For on this day, in a unprovoked attack, The Country of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, home to the entire Pacific Fleet for The United States Navy. This one attack would urge President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt to convince Congress to declare war, and enter WWII. The United States of America would not tolerate such an unwarranted attack on Our beloved Country. Needless to say, America reigned victorious against Japan, as well as Germany, winning WWII. But the lives of those brave men and women on the unforgettable day, can�t be returned to their rightful owners. But We can remember them, as well as the survivors of Pearl Harbor, even those Veterans who survived Pearl Harbor and are still with us today.

The Woodridge Veterans of Memorial Post 1578 every single year puts on a Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Service. On Sunday December 7, 2008, Pearl Harbor Day itself at Woodridge Public Library in Woodridge, Illinois, The Woodridge VFW put on the official Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Service. These Pearl Harbor Day Services unfortunately, believe it or not are very rare and The Woodridge VFW, puts on one of the them for the state of Illinois. Most cities, towns or Village just let a Memorial Ceremony take in Pearl Harbor Day, but not Woodridge, Illinois. Woodridge prides itself on remembering Pearl Harbor Day. The Woodridge VFW Post 1578 has received local News Coverage from ABC, Fox, etc for their Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Service.

While today is definitely not a day of celebration, it is a today of remembrance, however. A day to pay tribute to all life lost that day, as well as service given that day. Thanks to the doctors and nurses that day, who able to save so many lives that day and for their attempts to saves lifes of so so many that did not make it.

So this Woodridge VFW Pearl Harbor Day Service, featured short presentations from Woodridge VFW Post 1578 members, as well as a presentation from Our awesome Mayor of Woodridge, The honorable William F. Murphy.

Also at this Service, The Woodridge VFW honored all WWII Veterans, not just Pearl harbor Veterans and Survivors. The whole WWII screen was quite a battle, so the Woodridge VFW makes sure to honor all WWII Vets.

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