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The 2007

Woodridge, Illinois

Cultural Fest


Well let's travel back to September 2007. I want to tell You about a simply inspirational event that takes place every year for The past several Years in My Hometown of Woodridge, Illinois.

On Friday September 7 and Saturday September 8, 2007 The Village of Woodridge, Illinois was putting on it's annual Cultural Fest. There are so many different cultures, races, ethnicities represented in the Village of Woodridge. Americans who want to celebrate their heritage, a heritage that is unique and very special. A heritage they can be very proud. The Village of Woodridge wants to celebrate ethnic diversity in The Community and pay tribute to all Cultures. There are many cultures making up Woodridge and this is a chance for us to celebrate them all. I personally have to commend The Village of Woodridge for it's efforts to promote ethnic diversity, especially with this Woodridge Cultural Fest. Kids at this event are learning a good message of love and acceptance. Accepting us and Our culture.

The Fest is a family event within the Village where patrons wander through and enjoy various foods, crafts, music and entertainment from our different cultures. There are live on-stage performances and demonstrations throughout the event as well as booths to sample the tastes of different countries and to purchase local products..

The Woodridge Cultural Fest, NFP is an Illinois-registered Not-for-Profit organization founded with the purpose of creating a better understanding and appreciation between various members of the Woodridge Community. The Corporation has 501(c)3 status.

The Woodridge Cultural Fest is made up of a Committee of both members of The Village of Woodridge and the members of The Community.

This is a fun fun fun free event with food and drink available for purchase.

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                                       The 2007

Woodridge, Illinois

                                    Cultural Fest

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