The Renditions


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Well, itís time once again to start rockin and rollin the night away. And I have the perfect band to get this party started up in here.

The Renditions are six great musicians dedicated to providing all of us in The General Chicagoland quality Rock N Roll, by paying tribute to some great bands of yesteryear. When Jerry, Greg, Kristi, Neal, Gary and John, collectively known as The Renditions take the stage, You can just feel the shear excitement oozing from the stage. The Renditions really get the crowd and the dancers fired up.

The Renditions play a wide variety of music including songs from The Four Seasons, Buddy Holly, The Grassroots, The Outsiders and a wide variety of other classic rock n roll bands. The Renditions cover music from the 1950ís, 1960ís, and even a few from the 1970ís.

Also with Krisit Alsip in the band, as female lead vocalist and only female vocalist, and backing and harmony vocals, the band now can do a wide variety of girl group songs.

The band consists of Jerry Skoula on ryth guitar and vocals, Greg Favata on Lead guitar and vocals, Krisit Alsip on Vocals and a mean tamborine, Neal Carpenter on Bass and Vocals, Gary Greenman, who is also in the Legendary Band - new Colony Six on keyboards and John Radowski on drums.

The Band plays a wide variety of venues including this concert, which took place on Saturday January 24, 2009 at Manhattanís American Bar and Grill in Carol Stream.

For more information on The Renditions, please visit their very special website at .

Keep the music live. Support the local Chicagoland music scene. If You are looking for an awesome night out on the town, have dinner and enjoy a great band, such as Manhattanís and The Renditions.

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