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The Illinois Saint Andrew Society

Scottish Home Picnic

Well, once again I gotta feature an event and organization that is near and dear to my heart. This particular event I have been going to for over the past 25 years. My ultimate goal in life when I was 11 years old at this event, was to someday be a TV host and cover this event for that show. Well, My dream has come true, actually this is the fourth time it has come true.

On Saturday August 2, 2008 The Illinois Saint Andrew�s Scottish Home in North Riverside, Illinois was putting on once again it�s Scottish Home Picnic. I often refer to this Picnic as a lost gem, as it is such a wonderful event, with little to know media coverage. It has been My privilege and honor to let the public know about this wonderful picnic the past few years.

The Illinois Saint Andrew Society�s Scottish Home Picnic is a wonderful celebration of Scottish Culture and pride. Even those of us who only have 25% Scottish Blood flowing through are veins, can still have a meat pie or sausage roll or two and do the Highland Fling, maybe.

The day consisted of A Jumble Sale, which features a collection of antique collectibles, books, clothing, the werks. Also there was plenty of delciouliso Scottish Grub, no haggis sorry, but consisted of Meat Pies, Bridies, and Sausage Rolls.

Also there was Pony Rides for the kiddies, as well as other various fun activities for the kids. Also there was a pie eating contest. I am very proud to say that My very own dear old Dad, Joe Kara won this year�s Pie Eating Contest. I guess You can say he devoured the competition. There was also several raffles.

There was also a bake sale, craft sale and of course Rudi Kadadodi and Bubbles were mixing to up with The crowd as well as providing face painting to the kiddies.

There was a good time feel good rock band - Savannah Band as the entertainment as well as authentic Scottish dancing from The Thistle and Heather Scottish Dancers and of course the bagpipe serenade by The Caledonian Scottish Band.

As usual there was miniature golf, a long standing tradition for The Scottish Home Picnic.

And of course a bouncy thingy for the kids.

The Illinois Saint Andrew Society�s Scottish Home is a full service Elderly Care Facility, with three different levels of care, just an apartment, assisted living and a full service nursing. The Scottish Home provides a warm and caring environment for mature adults allowing Scottish Residents as well as non-Scottish Residents to celebrate the Scottish Culture.

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                   The Illinois Saint Andrew Society

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