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Well, Well, Well, summer is just about upon us, but I gotta take You back to May of this year. You know there are so many organizations out there truly helping the Community. But I got an awesome organization that helps the Community in an unique way. A Organization making sure the SandBoxs in Woodridge are nice and full.

On Saturday May 10, 2008, all around The Village of Woodridge, Illinois, The Woodridge Jaycees were putting on their 13th Annual SandBox Fill. Although a project of this nature is very common in Jayceeland, I don't think a lot of folks know about SandBox Fills. And let Me tell Ya The Woodridge Jaycees puts on the best, sorry everything Jaycee Chapter that does a SandBox Fill that is not The Woodridge Jaycees. A SandBox fill is just that. Filling up kiddies cute little sandboxes. And also The Woodridge Jaycees would deliver sand for gardens, volleyballs courts, wherever and whenever there is a call for sand.

So The Woodridge Jaycees first all meet at The Public Works Building in Woodridge, Illinois. All the awesome volunteers, majority who are from The Woodridge Jaycees, but some are members of The Community and members of other Jaycee Chapters as well are prepped in The Public Works Break Room. Everyone is broken down into three teams. Each team has a dump truck filled with sand, as well as a pick-up truck to carry all the brooms rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. Each team has a team Captain, as well as a Navigator, who will go with the pick-up truck driver. So orders for sand that came in are arranged by their address and based on that, routes are created for each team. So each team will consist of two village vehicles, as well as all the other volunteers in the cars following behind them. So three SandBox Fill caravans can be found driving all over Woodridge. On each route there is specific stops. At each stop the sand needs to be first poured into a wheelbarrow, then smoothed out, then delivered to a SandBox, etc. So there needs to be several volunteers to collect the sand and then deliver the sand, including scooping the sand. As well as volunteers to collect the money for the sand for each house. If a team finishs there list early, they can help the other teams.

Also at this SandBox fill, there was a fun scavenger hunt, which basically included taking photographs of several items on their route.

After the event was a special after party for the volunteers.

All The money raised for this thing will be put back into The Woodridge Jaycees general fund and put back into the Community.

So the Woodridge Jaycees were delivering sand, as well as making a special delivery, delivery Our very own Woodridge Jaycees President Pat Kelley to lucky customer.

The Woodridge Jaycees are Leadership and Training Organization for Young people to help develop their leadership skills through Community Service. The Woodridge Jaycees do a wide awry of events that help the Community, as well as help their members with their leadership skills.

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Woodridge Jaycees

SandBox Fill

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