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Mike Kara Media Group - Sponsorship/Underwriting Opportunities

Mike Kara Radio Show - "Eye on The Community" - Internet Radio Program

The Mike Kara Radio Program - "Eye on The Nation" - Internet Radio Program

$500 Sponsorship Package

Package Includes -
*Fully Produced 30 to 60 second radio ad.
*Includes Sponsorship (Your 30 or 60 second ad) of Your Choice of six Segments.
*For each segment sponsored, Your radio ad will run at both the beginning and end of the segment.
*Each Show is divided into nine minute segments, so You can mix and match. So You can sponsor two whole shows, which contains 3 segments per show or sponsor six different shows, by sponsoring six different segments for six different shows.
*Ads run for a full year.
*Each additional sponsorship of a single segment is just $25 each, again for a full Year.
*Package also includes a 5 minute one on one interview with Mike Kara to talk and promote Your Business or Product(s)

Contact - Mike Kara -
(630) 910-3481
(Professional Use Only -
Number Given as a
professional courtesy
 to My clients)


Please Call Mike Kara at
(630) 910-3481
to see the power of what The Mike Kara Radio Show can and will do for You.