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Oberweis Dairy

Well It's time to talk dairy. And if You live in The Chicagoland Area,
 when think of ice cream, milk, yogurt, ice cream pies and cakes
 whatever, it's hard not to think of one name. That name drum
roll please… Oberweis. The Oberweis dairy first got off the ground
 in 1915 by Peter Oberweis when Mr. Oberweis found out his dairy
 was producing too much milk. The Oberweis is proud to have been
 delivering diary products to folks since 1927. The first Ice Cream
and Dairy store was started back in 1951 by Joe Oberweis, son
of Founder Peter Oberweis. Oberweis currently as of this moment
 has 41 Ice-Cream and Dairy Stores and has started a new franchising opportunity, with potential of there being over 500 Ice Cream and
 Dairy Stores around the Country. While currently Oberweis Ice Cream
 and dairy stores are limited to The Chicagoland Area, Northern Indiana
 Area, Bloomington Area, St. Louis Area, they will soon to be expanding
to The Detroit Area and soon the entire Country. Oberweis Dairy
features there famous ice-cream parlors, where You can enjoy a
Milkshake, Banana Split, Malted, Ice Cream Soda, and a ice cream
 cone, as well as Oberweis entire line - ice tea, milk, yogurt,
cakes, pies, etc.

Today We ourselves at Oberweis Dairy Plant and Corporate Headquarters in North Aurora, Illinois. This is where all the magic happens.

Catch this segment as both an internet special and on cable in February 2007

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Oberweis Dairy

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