Lisle Park District
                                                       Annual Candy Cane Hunt                 


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Well, Joy To The World. Merry Christmas. Well itís time to take a look at another awesome Christmas event. However this is a very unique event and an awesome for the kiddies at that.

On Saturday December 6, 2008, The Lisle Park District put on their annual Candy Cane Hut. All the Christmas fun and excitement took place in back of the Lisle Park District Community Center in Lisle.

This Candy Cane hunt was very similar in nature to Your typical Easter Egg Hunt. But instead of running and scurrying for Easter Eggs, kiddies were on the hunt for Candy Canes. And instead of a grassy field like at a Easter Egg Hunt ,kids needed to pounce through the snow. Kids were just having a ball running through the pretty winter snow.

As typical for Easter Egg Hunts, where was different areas sectioned off fro different age groups. All around the fields candy canes all every size, type, color, favor, social security number could be found for kiddies to pick up and place in their Christmas Baskets. Also within each age group there was a special candy cane, a king candy cane if You will. For the lucky child that find this super duper candy cane gets a special prize.

And of course jolly old Saint Nicolas, Mr. Sant A. Claus on hand and visiting with every lad and lass.

This candy cane hunt was just part of a variety of Christmas events for the Lisle Park District.

For more information on this yearís Lisle Park District Candy Cane Hunt, other Park District Christmas, or the Lisle Park District in general, please visit The Lisle Park Districtís website at

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