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Hobson Road Community Church's Live Nativity and Winter Wonderland
Hi There. Yet once again, I gotta tell You about another one of My favorite and I mean favorite Christmas Events. One that I really recommend for those people who want to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas - The Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have all the respect in the world for Santa Claus, snowmen, Draddles, glitter, mistletoe, etc. But We need to remember the reason for the season The Reason being Jesus Christ. We need to know exactly why My Dad gets on a ladder and hangs Christmas lights from Our House, the celebration of the Messiah.

Anyways, one good way to celebrate anything I just said is to check out Hobson Road Community Church's Annual Live Nativity & Winter Wonderland. Every year Hobson Road Community Church in Downers Grove, Illinois, puts on it's special Christmas Outreach, which includes lighting the heck out of the Church, with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Even Mickey and Mouse are here celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

This two day event that takes place in early December, features a slate load of activities, including A Children's Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Live Christmas Music, Cookies & Hot Chocolate
Soup, hotdogs, and A Handmade Craft & Bake Sale. Hot Chocolate and cookies are always free and deliciously soup provided by Stevens Family Restaurant in Downers Grove and Hot Dogs, Chili, and Chili Dogs available for purchase, at a very very reasonable price. A price even Ebenezer Scrooge will be willing to pay. Also kids were able to make a Christmas Cookie with Mrs. Claus.

Of course the main highlight of both nights features a live nativity with real animals.

So if You're looking for a great way to ring in Our Savior births, then pack the kids, grandkids, etc and head over to Hobson Road Community Church.

It may be cold outside, but the hospitality, kindness and love from Hobson Road Community Church will really heat Your Heart, Soul and Body up, really fast. Plus the best hot chocolate in the west.

For more information on this year's Hobson Road Community Church's Live Nativity and Winter Wonderland and directions to the church, please visit their website at

Come on out Their saving a candy cane for You, if I don't eat them all first, just kidding. Merry Christmas.

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                      Hobson Road Community Church's 
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