Friends of
Bohemian National Cemetery

Summer Picnic

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Well, I gotta tell you about a fun, exciting and awesome summer picnic that took place back in July 2009. A picnic that combined, food, music, dancing and fun. However a cemetery may not be the first place We think of as a location for a summer picnic and cook-out, however in this case it was the perfect location.

On Sunday July 19, 2009 at Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago, IL, Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery was putting on their summer picnic. This picnic included a variety of yummy treats, including hot dogs, polish, watermelon, etc as well as traditional Bohemian goodies, such as Kolaches and of course yummy delicioliouso potato pancakes. The bake sale featuring awesome Bohemian desserts was a hit for Me as well as everyone else. Also at the event there was traditional Bohemian Music, along with dancing. A fun time put on by Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery who also had a booth set up at the picnic with information.

 Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery Mission is To promote the historical significance, enhance the beauty and
preserve the artistic heritage of Bohemian National Cemetery.

Their Vision is To create an appreciation of the cemetery in local, national and international audiences.

The Bohemian National Cemetery Association
was chartered in 1877 by the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit organization for the purpose of providing a facility for interment, cremation and inurnment of the remains of deceased persons. Founded as a last resting place for persons of Czech (Bohemian, Moravian, and Slovakian) birth, extraction or descent, it is currently operated on a non-sectarian basis.

Spanning 126 acres, it has been called a beautiful Garden of the Dead and is a Chicago landmark. Rich with genealogical information, the cemetery is the final home for over 116,000 people.

Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery puts on several educational, fun and totally awesome events on throughout each calendar year. A lot of great things taking place every year, including this picnic, as well as several meetings with a guest presenter or speaker, as well as tours of the cemetery as well as a fundraiser in October.

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