DuPage Children's Museum
Bubble Bash -
"Bach To Bubbles"
Wednesday December 31, 2008

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Well, Well, Well, 2009 in definitely upon us, and around here on Mike Kara Presents were still celebrating that joyous occasion of the start 2009 and still welcoming and celebrating the New Year. So, there is one place on New Year's Eve that can really help celebrate the last day of the year and ring in the new year. New Year's Eve can come alive and can be a great way to spend the last day of the year at this place and an awesome, awesome, event it has.

On Wednesday December 31, 2008, New year's Eve, The DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville, Illinois was putting on it's annual Fundraiser event and celebration for New Year's Eve, called Bubble Bash, with this year's theme - Bach to Bubbles. This is Celebration for three fun-filled hours of purposeful play, activities, entertainment and take-home treats. Kids and parents like had the opportunity to explore the Museum three floors, with include regular exhibits, as well as special activites.

Kids a chance to make special crafts to take home and use to ring in the New. First kids had a chance to make a "Ring in the New Year" Bell, by decorating a cute little flower pot. Next kids had the chance to make a special shaker noise maker, using a wide variety of beads, buttons, and whatnot, and finally kids got the chance even to make a party hat. That's right kids even got to make their own party hat to wear.

Also families had a chance to have a special photograph taken, with everyone in the family posing as a band.

Also kids had a chance to make a special sheet music cookie. They were able to decorate this cookie with special markers, eating friendly markers that is.

Also there was plenty of instrument including different instrumental solists, steel drum performers percussionists, etc.

One hightlight for the event was an awesome presentation from National Children's Recording Jim Gill. Jim has a knack for getting both kids and parents involved with his interactive songs.

Another highlight was celebration the New Year and start of 2009 at 12noon, instead of midnight, because most of this special little kiddies would be in bed. So at 12pm, the museum simulated midnight and the ringing in of the New Year by having Naperville Mayor George Pradel and National Children's Artist Jim Gill, helped the crowd count down to noon.

Guests today purchased tickets for this event, allowing the Museum the raise some needed funds. Kids through their paid admission were able to take advantage of all activites and regular exhibits the Museum had to offer.

Bubble Bash is a wonderful way for first-time visitors to see what The DuPage Children's museum is all about and for Their. regular members to celebrate the holiday in a familiar place that they know their kids love to visit.

The DuPage Children's Museum provides open ended, interactive learning experiences for young children focusing on math, science and art and where they intersect. DuPage Children's Museum has three floors which hold interactive exhibits, event, meeting, party or program rooms and Learning Labs. There is truly something for everyone!

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