Christmas Quick Gem

                                      Brookfield Zoo's Community Christmas Tree Trim

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Well, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. And one place and event I want to tell You about, really can get anyone in the Christmas Mood.

Every year at Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois, The Zoo has it's annual Community Christmas Tree Trim. On the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving dozens of Community Service Organizations come out and a decorate a tree at Brookfield. Groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts, Churchs, schools, etc make a whole day out of it, come trim the tree, plus enjoy some holiday yummy treats. It's not unusual to see a lot of Hot Chocolate flowing this day. Whether store brought or home items, all these trees were decorated to make this Christmas Season bright and shining. Organizations made a donation to the zoo to decorate a tree. The trees as always are provided by the zoo and community groups just come and decorate, the lights already on them before they get there. Pretty blue lights to be exact. This was the kick off and start to Brookfield Zoo's Main Holiday Event - Holiday magic.

For more information on This year's Christmas Tree Trim at Brookfield Zoo, Holiday Magic or The Zoo in general, please visit The Zoo's website at

Merry Christmas.

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