Mike Kara Radio Show -
Eye on Central Florida
Christmas Shows 2011

A Christmas Message From
Mike Kara

Mike Kara serves as executive producer and host for the internet radio program - "Mike Kara Radio Show - Eye on Central Florida".

Mike had orginally asked local church leaders and pastors from the general Orlando, Florida area to come on the program and give a nice message on the importance of Christmas, taking time for Christmas, and proclaiming the good news that Jesus, the King, is Born!!! Unfortunatly, all of the nine pastors that were contacted were too busy or too swamped to tell our audience the joyful news of our Savior's birth. It seemed strange that these Pastors were too busy, when the subject of Mike's message was taking time for Christmas. It was to make time and to understand the true meaning of this Christmas holiday and reason for these joyful festivities. Mike will try again next year, and hopefully a pastor of some kind of some church will speak with us.

So, since the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for the season is so important, Mike himself, decided to step up and take a stab at this Christmas message thing.

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