The 2009 Chicago Auto Show

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Well, Well, Well, February 2009 has come and gone. One really big event in the Chicagoland area during February is The Chicago Auto Show. I remember literally growing up with the auto show as a kid pretty much through the entire 1980's. The Chicago auto show can be a thrill for a kid or kid of all ages. Every year at McCormick Place in Downtown Chicago, The Chicago Auto comes to town. Yes, Mike Kara Presents once again had the chance to invade the Chicago Auto Show and get a behind the scenes look at all the new cars and concept cars being unveiled. This is that big chance for many Automobile manufactures to feature their lastest and greatest, including concepts cars, cars that are not on the market yet, but are premier them and letting the public see them right here and now.

Mike Kara Presents had the chance to at look awesome cars, but also had the chance toget up close and personal and check out the pretty insides of some of the cars.

There was brand new cars there and not so new cars there.

Also apparently even dinosaurs could be found at the auto show, in conjunction with the promotion of Dinosaur exhibit Brookfield Zoo had.

Again all major car manufactures were holding press conferences and presentations for the media to show what their cars can really do. High ranking executives of some of the biggest automobile makers were on hand to speak on behalf of their shiny brand news cars, as well as concept cars.

Besides brand new cars at The Auto Show, there was some classic cars at the show as well. Including one particular car containing a creepy, but kinda of cute plastic Leprechaun having a joy ride for Him.

As promised during the beginning of this show, ladder man could be found.

Also The Kia Chicago Blues Band was at The Auto Show as well.

Also an Lego Exhibit could be found at the Chicago Auto Show as well.

Even Giant Transformers managed to make their way from Hollywood to be a part of The Chicago Auto Show. General Motors Automobiles were used in The Movie Transformers and they were happy to announce their cars would be used in the Transformers sequel.

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